Russian Twist with Medicine Ball

How to Do Russian Twist with Medicine Ball - Exercises,Tips,Examples

When it comes to core muscle development, a lot of routines have been utilized with the use of medicine ball. One of such various exercises is Russian twist with medicine ball.

It mainly targets the abdominal muscles and the lower back of the body for strengthening and stability. It also uses the target muscles since it involves twisting repeatedly. (more…)

Ab Exercises with Medicine Ball

Ab exercises with medicine ball - Crunching

Learn how to start doing ab exercises with medicine ball routinely with some basic examples of Abdominal exercise.

Medicine ball exercises are known to be excellent abdominal exercises. To be able to do this effectively you should be able to get enough tension on your abdominal muscles. But you should also take note to do this gradually as not to injure your abdominal muscles.


Core Exercises with Medicine Ball

Core exercises with Medicine Ball Blog

Core Exercises with Medicine Ball

Medicine balls have been popularly utilized by a lot of athletes for certain core exercises. It may seem as an easy exercise but I will say that they are not what they seem.Learn how to do core exercises with medicine ball in this tutorial.

It’s as effective as any other strength and condition routines. It is effectively done by several repetition of the routine for improved performance. All routines can be done gradually as for the body to adjust to vigorous activity. It’s an easy exercise that anyone else can do. The only thing that one needs to perform routines is just a medicine ball.


Tummy Reducing Exercises

Tummy Reducing Exercises

Tummy Reducing Exercises

One of the most noticeable body part of which a lot of people are being conscious of is the tummy. Most men and women these days are very much concerned on how to avoid or get rid with large tummies. One way is doing tummy reducing exercises.

There are a lot of options these days regarding how to reduce the tummy size. But nothing can be as good getting rid of it by being physically active through tummy reducing exercises.

With the kind of lifestyle wherein people move less actively and actually eat more food that’s necessary, a lot are developing large tummies. (more…)

Medicine Ball with Handles

Medicine Balls with Handles

Throughout the years medicine balls has been used for health and fitness purposes.

Medicine balls have been developed primarily to strengthen the upper and lower core muscles of the body.

But today, it’s not
just a plain round ball filled with sand like what it used to be years ago.

A lot of medicine balls are made of different materials for specific health and fitness indications.

Recently, medicine ball with handles are developed to create ease in handling compared to standard types. (more…)

Chinese Medicine Balls and How to use them

How to use chinese medicine balls

Chinese Medicine Balls

It is widely known that Chinese tradition has a lot to offer when it comes to health remedies. TheyChinese Medicine Balls
are very much popular when it comes to herbal concoctions and other health practices. When it comes to the art of relieving stress through physical exercise, there is what they call as Chinese medicine balls or Baoding balls.

How to Do Medicine Ball Slams

Medicine Ball Slam

Medicine ball slams are lately becoming quite popular. There are various exercises of which one can do with the use of a medicine ball. One form of which is the medicine ball slams exercise.

Medicine Ball Slams

It may sound weird, but yes, it is somewhat like doing some throw in with a ball but this time it’s actually a total body workout for you core muscles. With this exercise, one can improve the back and abdominal muscles reactive strength, these are the exact muscles you need
to perform activities like climbing. You can do this by just securing a single medicine ball. (more…)

Valeo Medicine Ball Excercises, Tips and Specifications

Different Valeo Medicine Balls

Valeo is your one-stop source for all of your personal fitness and workplace safety needs. ThValeo Medicine balley
proudly present the medicine ball as one of their product line. Valeo Medicine Ball is a good quality medicine ball. Its physical feature rubber construction with textured surface, durable construction to bounce off hard surfaces, the package includes exercise wall chart and it improves strength and coordination, balance and endurance for your body.

Structure of A Medicine Ball

Excersing with Medicine Ball
Medicine Ball Structure

Medicine Ball Structure

Over other ball types, medicine ball provide an advantage in that they’re simple to throw and catch. Their softness do less damage compared to a weighted shot or dumbbell if accidentally crashed down on a sports athlete. People may also utilize them in many different training situations, either outside and inside room environment. Speed and power athlete, are able to use medicine balls within the specific mid-torso exercises where they use different size of a medicine balls. General and certain body health and fitness exercises and sprint specific activities can also be performed. Long lasting air-filled medicine balls can bounce and could be thrown against walls.They improve your health to a great extent and also help to keep you fit. (more…)

Medicine Ball – Introduction

Medicine Ball

Medicine Ball – Introduction

In recent years, with the explosion of the health and fitness industry, many new products have helped add variety to training programs. Most have their merits, however in simplicity and effectiveness few are able to match the medicine ball. Certainly the medicine ball seems a dated piece of gym equipment; however fitness experts are now again realizing its value and adaptability to anybody’s workout.